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High praise, indeed!

"Rachel Jackson is the rare thing indeed- An effortless performer combined with a consummate professional. She makes everything she does look easy, yet one would be surprised in the craft and care she applies to even the smallest choice. Her love for what she does and the passion she attacks her projects with is infectious- It spreads like a virus in a rehearsal until everyone else in the room is suddenly trying for the same high standard of work. When you work with Rachel, you aren't only getting an attractive, talented, and intelligent actress- You're getting a benchmark by which all others need to rise up to. "
-Michael Kimmel, Director Push Productions NYC

"She's F*cking Awesome."
-Caitlin Murney, Ten/Four Pictures

"Rachel's amazing energy and presence onstage mesmerized audiences in the hundreds every night, even in the middle of New York City parks."
-Christopher Sanderson, Artistic Director and Founder of Gorilla Rep Theater Company

"As an actor, she is mesmerizing-taking dramatic risks and making bold choices that command the audience's attention, at the same time lifting the other actors around her within the ensemble. She is a great listener and has a tremendous work ethic."
-Stephanie Nasteff, Actress/Producer

"Jackson makes an astonishing transformation not only physical but spiritual when she comes back on stage for the final piece, "Medea Redux". For a minute, you're not sure it's really her. . the make up is gone, her hair is pulled back in a straggly ponytail and she's wearing frumpy clothes. She's also reverted to behavior more like the 13 year old girl she was when she was molested by a school teacher than a woman of 27. Jackson gives a haunting performance."
-Shelley Gabert is a freelance journalist who covers film and television for Variety, Emmy, Documentary Magazine and


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